Angel of the North

Angel of the North was written by Andrew R. Mackereth as a tribute to his Grandma; Edith Mackereth. It consists of three short movements, each having a subtitle:

Symbol of Strength

Symbol of Hope

Symbol of Joy

The first movement represents the awesome power and majesty of the statue. The frenetic movement of letter D representing the frenzy of activity on the A1 dual carriageway below.

The second movement is based on a two-note motive which when written in concert pitch are E, D. This is the name by which most people knew Edith; Edie.

The third movement is a frolic based on ‘When the Boat comes in’ for ever synonymous with his beloved Tyneside.

Intermediate difficulty

The UK premiere was given by The Felling Band at Gateshead Town Hall on April 9th 2011.

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