Now the Day is Over

This setting of the popular assembly hymn; Now the Day is Over can be performed by up to three wind bands of varying standards. It was arranged to be performed at the Butterworth Hall by over 250 wind, brass and percussion musicians. The wind band setting can stand alone or with the addition of the Junior or Beginner players.

The piece comes with a standard score with each of the additional band setting having their own score for rehearsal purposes. Highly effective.

Categories: Concert Band, Music for Schools
Product Code:BBP64
£ 15.00


This piece is a massed participation piece written for three distinct levels of playing ability and having further simple parts. It was premiered at Warwick University by a workshop band of over 200 players and features tunes from the iconic tutor method of the same name.

Categories: Concert Band, Music for Schools
Product Code:BBP56
£ 50.00

Shadow of a Lark

A dark, brooding opening gives way to brilliant scherzando finale. Based on “A Lark in the Clear Air.” Laken at his skilful best.
Intermediate Difficulty

Categories: Concert Band
Product Code:WB02
£ 50.00

Richmond Waters

A beautiful haunting melody for the pen of Alan Laken. The score is effectively cross-cued making it playable by small and inexperienced players.
Moderate difficulty

Categories: Concert Band, Music for Schools
Product Code:WB1
£ 20.00

New Horizons

An attractive journey piece by Andrew R. Mackereth. Ideal for youth bands and features the percussion section. Moderately Difficult

Categories: Concert Band
Product Code:CS12
£ 35.00


Mythical Island of mystery and adventure, written in the style of a film score by Andrew R. Mackereth.

Intermediate Difficulty

Categories: Concert Band, Music for Schools
Product Code:BBP04
£ 30.00