All Things Bright and Floral

This song accompaniment was inspired by the forthcoming visit of the All Things_Page_1 All Things_Page_2Salvation Army Symphonic Wind Ensemble (SASWE) to Brighouse. In essence, it is an upbeat arrangement of All Things Bright and Beautiful with hints of the English Traditional: Floral Dance.

Early trials would seem to indicate it will be very popular with church, garden party and bandstand audiences with minimal rehearsal.

Pom, Pom, Pom

Trombone Concerto Revealed

From Monday 18th August, the score and parts for the latest compositional outpouring from Andrew will be available for sale.

Provisionally entitled, Concerto in Bb, the work is in three movements for trombone and concert band along the compositional lines of the iconic Rimsky-Korsakov Trombone Concerto.

Please email for further details.

New for Christmas 2013

If you are looking for something a little different this Christmas have a look at UNA NAVIDAD ARGENTINE, a suite of traditional Argentine Christmas carols. This piece was written for the Young People’s Band of Birmingham Citadel so is written to be effective with 5 or more players.

1. Del árbol nació la rama
2. El Nacimiento
3. La Peregrinacion

It might seem a bit early to be promoting Christmas music but if you are working with young or inexperienced bands, every week of rehearsal counts!


BBP are pleased to announce that following customer feedback we have added an additional search facility that includes a listing for Solos. We hope that this will make the site a lot easier to navigate.

Trombone Rhapsody available for Concert Band

We are pleased to announce that from Monday 25th February 2013, the Rhapsody for Trombone: Song of Joy will be available for Concert Band. This is in direct response to requests from bands. It is hoped that this will enable the work to reach a wider audience. At £35 for a score and parts it also represents exceptional value for bands on a budget.