Trombone Rhapsody available for Concert Band

We are pleased to announce that from Monday 25th February 2013, the Rhapsody for Trombone: Song of Joy will be available for Concert Band. This is in direct response to requests from bands. It is hoped that this will enable the work to reach a wider audience. At £35 for a score and parts it also represents exceptional value for bands on a budget.



Blow and Believe Publications is delighted to announce that the renowned trombonist; Brett Baker will be recording a brand new work by Andrew Mackereth in the Spring of 2013. For his latest recording project, Brett is to be accompanied by the legendary Enfield Citadel Band under the baton of maestro, Bandmaster Jonathan Corry.

The new work is entitled; Song of Joy and is based on an old gospel song. Further details can be found here.


Solo Sensations

Our feature for the Autumn period is works for solo instruments and here are a few of the most popular:

Saints on the Slide – this jolly romp for trombone and small band is based on the gospel song: Oh When the Saints.

Great is Thy Faithfulness – this piece was written for Flugel Horn legend: Robert Foster and is based on the hymn of the same name.

Bonny at Morn – this melancholic number is based on a folk song from the North East of England and was written for Trevor Winch of the Felling band.

Swing Low – this tour de force for Bass Trombone or Tuba has been recorded by Douglas Yeo, Marco Beeldman and Les Neish. BBP has the exclusive rights to sell this arrangement.

In lighter vein…or Dance Like David?

A missionary was going in to the most remote section of Africa. He found a native that would take him upstream to a tribe of headhunters cut off from civilization.

In the distance they could hear drums. “What is that drumming?” he asked nervously. The native replied, “Drums okay, but if they stop it would be very bad”. The drums continued for 3 days as they got closer to the headhunters’ village. Then without warning the drums suddenly stopped. The forest fell eerily silent. With panic in his voice, the missionary calls out to the guide, “The drums have stopped! What happens now?”

The guide crouched down, covered his head with his hands and with despair in his voice, answered, “key change!!”.

New Solo Works added to BBP

Two new solos for Flugel Horn and a sneak preview of a new trombone rhapsody have been added to the site today.
How Deep the Father’s Love is a reflective solo written for my good friend Paul Simons.

Great is Thy Faithfulness is a an edgy blues setting of the classic hymn inspired by Robert Foster, Flugel Horn legend.

The rhapsody for trombone and band commissioned by Brett baker is available in preview form on our Facebook page here.